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Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.  Trust me,  it’s no more than a tease.  Calm down people, it’s just a trailer. Yes, the trilogy was a huge phenomena.  In fact, it was the most exciting “3-Peat” to hit suburbia in years.  And yes, Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker and Freed made housewives everywhere equally … Continued

The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is not what it used to be.  Not. At. All.   When there’s no other choice but to escort your hyper-active, six-year old, lunatic son to the lavatory about a dozen times during a two hour flight, it sure does gives new meaning to being a member of The Mile High … Continued

What Luck! Everything At DOLLAR TREE Really Is Only A Buck!

I can not believe there’s no false advertising when it comes to those dollar stores.  Seriously, I’m SHOCKED.  Everything’s $1.00. This weekend is Visiting Day, so yesterday I went to Dollar Tree to load up on crap for my kid.  I’m still broke from paying the camp tuition, so I skipped Target because as we … Continued


Have you been asked to go out with people whom you really don’t know well?  It’s awkward, right?  I never like to put myself, my spouse or anyone else for that matter in an uncomfortable situation so I’ve learned the only way to get around the awkwardness is to include what I like to call, … Continued

That's Funny… And I Don't Even Like Cats

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW… I saw this and laughed. Then said, “That’s Funny… And I Don’t Even Like Cats.” I hope it makes you laugh too. Wishing you all a great, unpolished day! That is all. Thanks Elissa Z.  You know how much I appreciate your humor!      

LeBen Is Gonna LeBUGGGG That LeBron Is MIA from MIA

Finally, after fourteen days without so much as a verbal peep, I finally spoke to my son Ben on the telephone.  Yesterday I heard his voice with my own two ears and got the confirmation that he’s settled in and loving camp.  His initial homesickness is so “two weeks ago,” and now we’re all about … Continued

Hot Off The UNPOLISHED Press!

Extra! Extra!  Read All About It… I’m sending a huge, unpolished THANK YOU to Laurie from Maine Camp Experience for tracking me down after reading my Camp Blog Part ONE: 5 Things I’ve Been Doing Instead Of Packing The Trunks. Laurie asked if I would be interested in writing a personal memoir of my childhood summer … Continued

Summer Camp In Maine: A Personal Memoir But A Universal Feeling

It’s often difficult for me to remember what I did yesterday, or five minutes ago for that matter.  Oddly enough, when it comes to remembering my experiences as a camper in Harrison, Maine that spanned over a seven summer period starting at the young age of eight, nothing could be more clear.  Crystal clear actually. … Continued