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Welcome to Silver Unpolished…

[slideshow id=1] Who Am I ? That’s a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one… I’m opinionated. I’m loud. I’m a little rough around the edges. I like to throw it out there and see what sticks. I’m not afraid to say what I know others are thinking and I’m willing to deal with the … Continued

When life gives you lemons… Take Xanax

When life gives you lemons… screw the lemonade, just take Xanax. If that doesn’t help, go ahead and make the lemonade but be sure to add plenty of alcohol. Photo Credit: Lemore Zausner Photography

Bloggin' & Bitchin'

Just testing the site… All day I’ve been learning how to “code” my blog. Who knew what a bitch it would be! Photo Credit: Lemore Zausner Photography