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"THIS" Is The New "THAT"

We’ve heard it a million times.  When it comes to aging, FORTY IS THE NEW THIRTY.  When it comes to kids, THREE IS THE NEW TWO.  When it comes to attraction, SMART IS THE NEW SEXY.  And when it comes to Netflix, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK! When it comes to Silver Unpolished, I’ve got … Continued

Unpolishedly Put: Why You Need An iPhone!

Got a minute?  Are you alone? We need discuss the deal with your phone.  Since you wouldn’t convert on your own volition  I’m taking control and changing tradition. The goal isn’t to create added tension But consider this an unpolished intervention! It’s time to leave the Prehistoric Ages So that we can be on the … Continued

Word Nerd

I have been a lover of words (hence, word nerd) for as long as I can recall.  One of my favorite books is called WORDS That Make A Difference And How To Use Them In A Masterly Way.  It’s a cross between a dictionary and a thesaurus in the sense that the words are listed alphabetically … Continued

Just Cuz I'm Unpolished… Doesn't Mean I'm Ungrateful

Nobody should have to be challenged in order to express gratitude, but I suppose sometimes we all need a little push.  I’m accepting The Gratitude Challenge that has recently swept across social media channels.   I’m jumping on the bandwagon in my own unpolished way.   THE TOUGHER THE SHELL… THE HARDER TO CRACK Despite … Continued


My mind is constantly spinning in circles.  Around and around and around.  It spins all over the place that often my thoughts overlap and collide into one another. Allow me to explain by example: 1. Unpolished Peeps Don’t Get Much Sleep I’m a self-proclaimed vampire who loves staying up late into the wee hours of … Continued

Here's The "Dirt" On The Camp Trunks… Literally.

  The camp trunks are back.  By now, I’m sure yours are too. There wasn’t a shot in hell I was letting them in the house, so I left clear instructions that they were to be left OUTSIDE.  No matter what. Not knowing if it would make the unloading process better or worse, I opted … Continued

This Is My Now: Pursuing The Power Within

Every year around this time, I start to panic.  I panic because according to the calendar I’m about six weeks shy of officially turning older.  Internally, I start to take inventory of what I’ve personally accomplished and what I haven’t.  I begin to assess if I was productive enough over the last twelve months or … Continued


Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.  Trust me,  it’s no more than a tease.  Calm down people, it’s just a trailer. Yes, the trilogy was a huge phenomena.  In fact, it was the most exciting “3-Peat” to hit suburbia in years.  And yes, Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker and Freed made housewives everywhere equally … Continued

The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is not what it used to be.  Not. At. All.   When there’s no other choice but to escort your hyper-active, six-year old, lunatic son to the lavatory about a dozen times during a two hour flight, it sure does gives new meaning to being a member of The Mile High … Continued